Thomas Bonderup

Thomas Bonderup - Freelance IT Consultant / Software Engineer

Are you thinking of starting your own product or service based business at some point? Are you running an existing business that uses software and hardware? Or are you just tired of doing the same repetitive tasks over and over? If you need help, then maybe I can help you as an IT consultant.

Hi, I’m Thomas Bonderup. Starting or running a product or service based business is tough in today's competitive digital age with artificial intelligence and robots. It is especially a struggle, if you don’t have the necessary expertise in computer science to leverage computers at scale and to automate repetitive tasks. Learning to computer code yourself is possible today, but few people have the discipline to stare at the computer screen for hours writing complex computer code that can break anytime.

To get the benefits of it-consulting services, you often have to work across time-zones with remotely located it-firms that have cultural differences and language barriers, which makes communication difficult. Or you work with large it-firms that charge a high hourly rate, but here your project is often not of high priority, because their senior software engineers always seem to have bigger and more important client projects to work on, so you get matched up with more junior developers.

Since 2015, I have worked as a freelance it-consultant or software engineer helping businesses leverage computers at scale to gain insight and automate boring repetitive business workloads. I specialize in large-scale multi-cloud infrastructure for robots and internet of things (IoT). I design computer architectures across the stack doing both software (problem solving, algorithms, programming, operating systems) and hardware (ISA, microarchitecture, logic, circuits).

I have a Master of Science (Msc) in Computer Science and Informatics, and a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. I have taken 6 years worth of advanced technical courses such as artificial intelligence and deep learning, programming for security, theoretical computer science, including project management and software architecture related courses to also study the structure, behavior and interaction with complex computer systems. For my master thesis worked on a virtual power plant system for peak-shaving with electricity price forecasting and battery scheduling in the sector for energy and utilities. Today I build sustainable it-solutions at, which is a continuation of my work with my master thesis.

On the more personal level, I have a long background as an elite athlete, where I have played the team sport handball at the highest level for many years. Today, I use many of my competencies from the world of sports in my consulting work. I enjoy hiking and spending time in nature. I am passionate about programming with an interest in competitive programming. I like to work on both hardware and software to solve hard technical problems with Big Data and algorithms. I sometimes write blog posts on my blog.

Freelance Software Engineer Thomas Bonderup

Thomas Bonderup
Freelance IT Consultant, Software Engineer.

Phone: +45 22 39 34 91

Want to know how I may help your project? Check out my services page, or check my previous work in my project portfolio, GitHub profile or my online resume.

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IT Consulting Services

Software Development

I can help with identifying and automating business workloads by writing software code and configurations against requirements to develop components that generate business value, software architecture design by creating diagrams and communicating with relevant stakeholders, microservices and monolithic architectures, computer science fundamentals such as data structures and algorithms, object-oriented programming, functional programming, actor model programming, Linux operating system, distributed systems and computer networking, it-security, software product lifecycle (design phase, construction, test and operations) and code reviews.

Research and development focused work such as software and hardware co-design for real-time IoT systems with data pipelines for streaming workloads, advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence systems.

Project Management:

Software development projects to develop new innovative products from scratch, analysis projects and feasibility studies to find out if the project is worth the costs, technology portfolio management, prototyping to improve understanding and communication to eliminate confusion and cope with uncertainty, sequential models (stage-gate, waterfall, plan-driven) and agile models (Extreme programming, SCRUM, Kanban).

Scope and objective (stakeholder analysis, cost benefit, SWOT analysis, SMART goals), Myer-Briggs personality types, objectives and requirements specification (business, user, product, functional requirements, non-functional requirements for quality, verification and validation, traceability, testing), experience-based and model-based estimation, planning activities with Gantt etc, risk management and team development.

IT Leadership

CTO related types of work, technology portfolio management, technology strategy, research and development, recruitment and interviewing candidates, vision and goal-setting, communication, it-budgets, delegation.


Small workshops and university level computer science teaching (data-structures and algorithms, operating systems, distributed systems, internet of things and deep learning).

My Technology Stack

Below is a quick overview of my main technical skill sets and technologies I use. Want to find out more about my experience? Check out my online resume and project portfolio.

Cloud Technologies

Building cloud native applications with popular cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud. Designing large-scale software architecture for Robotics, IoT or Green IT. Cloud deployments for uses cases such as fleet management for robots and IoT Devices or Big Data Engineering for advanced data analytics.

Big Data Engineering

Helping companies with digital transformation and advanced data analysis. Distributed processing with Hadoop and Spark. Creating Big Data applications with SQL, Python, Scala, Spark, Spark Streaming, Kafka Producer and Consumer API, Kafka Streams and Akka streams for stream processing. System integrations with Spark, Kafka Connect and Alpakka.

Real-Time Stream Processing

Transition to real-time with event stream processing technologies such as Apache Kafka and Confluent platform. Leverage dataflow computer systems and reactive systems, stream processing applications in Kafka Streams or Akka Streams, data aggregations to provide statistics such as sum, averages, min and max, data joins to join multiple data sources, data flattening or data filtering.

JVM (Scala / Java)

Programming Scala / Java backend applications with frameworks such as Spark, Akka, Akka Streams, Cats, Cats Effect or Spring with Java. Comfortable with following build tools: sbt, Gradle, Maven. Testing, deploying applications to production. Monitoring and logging data from applications. Kafka Producer and Consumer API, Kafka Streams applications.

Linux & DevOps

Automating business processes and development workflows with open source software, DevOps tools, Linux OS, Emacs and shell scripting. Experienced with Docker, Docker Hub & Kubernetes container-orchestration technologies, code as infrastructure tools, continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines with Jenkins. DevOps related tasks with running Big Data clusters or data lakes.

Data Science

Generating insights with data science tools, python scripts, machine learning and deep learning algorithms in TensorFlow and Keras, Jupyter Notebooks, advanced data streaming pipelines in Kafka, Scala and Akka with actor model programming. I have worked on many different types of data science problems, including anomaly detection, autonomous vehicles, computer vision, forecasting, streaming machine learning.

Data Visualization & Monitoring

Development of tools for data visualization & monitoring. Custom data dashboard for time-series data with technologies like Elastic Search for search and analytics, Prometheus for monitoring and alerting, Kibana and Grafana dashboards.

Full Stack Development

Full stack development to create user-facing websites with frontend and backend. Backend: Scala, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, C++ programming, API development, Database Programming, SQL, MySql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra. Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, TypeScript, D3.js.

Latest Blog Posts

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Thomas Bonderup Resume

Freelance Software Engineer / IT Consultant
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Thomas Bonderup works as an IT consultant / freelance software engineer specializing in large-scale multi-cloud infrastructure for robots and internet of things (IoT).
As an IT consultant / freelancer, I have most of my personal values ​​and psychology from elite sports after I have been playing team sport (handball) at a professional level for 4 years and 10+ years at an amateur level. Customer focus, a strong team and a strong work ethic are important to me in the daily consulting work.

Work Experience

Freelance Software Engineer at TB Coding

TBCoding | 2015 - Present

Freelance software engineering / IT consulting for enterprise, specializing in large-scale multi-cloud infrastructure for real-time event stream processing platforms.

  • IT subcontractor for various companies, building products and services for their customers.
  • Responsible interviewing and managing software engineering interns.
  • Responsible for building and maintaining a portfolio of small to medium sized websites and e-commerce and subscription stores for customers, most projects built with open source software.
  • Responsible for building and maintaining a portfolio of affiliate websites.

Software Developer at Telenor Denmark

Telenor | Aug 2022 - Jan 2024

Software Developer in the Application DevOps Datalake team at Telenor Denmark, helping the company tackle complex Big Data problems, and building large scale Analytics Platforms to provide insights and cost savings across the company.

CTO at Vinoli ApS

Vinoli | 2016 - 2018

CTO and partner at Vinoli ApS, a danish wine on subscription platform company.

  • Designer and implementor of Vinoli’s automatic subscription billing system. Monthly, quarterly recurring charge feature, multiple subscription product variant. Pricing features (free subscription, paid subscription).
  • Designer and implementor of Vinoli’s warehousing, logistics and packaging process. My job was to automate and scale processes to increase speed by getting the wines from suppliers via trucks, packaging the products and getting the product delivered to the customer.
  • Designer and implementor of Vinoli’s e-commerce platform. The platform was built with PHP, WordPress, MySQL, WooCommerce, HTML, CSS, Javascript, QuickPay Payment Service Provider, Clearhaus Merchant Acquiring Services, System Integrations to MailChimp, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube and other external services and API’s.


  • MSc in Computer Science and Informatics
    Roskilde University
    Jan 2020 - Jan 2022
  • BSc Computer Science
    University College Lillebaelt
    Sep 2018 - Jan 2020
  • AP Computer Science
    University College of Northern Denmark
    Sep 2013 - Jan 2016


Digital Twin Data Modeling with Internet of Things Streaming Telemetry for Peak-Shaving in Virtual Power Plants

Open Source

I developed a virtual power plant system for peak-shaving with electricity price forecasting and battery scheduling.

Deep Learning For Damage Prognostic on Aircraft Engines

Open Source

I developed artificial intelligence algorithms for analyzing time series data for damage prognostic on aircraft engines.

Full Stack Movie Application

Open Source

Worked in a team creating a movie application to search, bookmark and rate movies. Used the following technologies: PostgreSQL, PL/pgSQL, ASP.NET, C#, Javascript, Knockout, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.

Scalable IoT Data Streaming Platform For The Transportation Industry with Apache Kafka & Confluent Platform.

Open Source

Worked on IoT data streaming platform to do anomaly detection on sensor data collected from IoT devices. Used the following technologies: Apache Kafka, Confluent Platform, Java, Spring Boot, AWS, MongoDB.