IT Consultant / Freelance Software Engineer

Thomas Bonderup works as an IT consultant / freelance software engineer at TB Coding specializing in large-scale multi-cloud infrastructure for robots and internet of things (IoT).

I have 8 years of experience building websites based on open source software, 5 years of experience as an IT consultant / freelance, including 2 years of experience with enterprise software and 3 years of experience with ecommerce software for small to medium sized businesses.

Feel free to contact me for a conversion about your IT project at email

I live in Odense in Denmark, which is famous for its world class robotics cluster with over 130 companies within robot technology and automation.

I work primarily on project basis both on-site at the customer location all over the world or remote work. I'm willing to work extra hours and relocate for an extended period, if it's needed for the project.


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About Thomas


As an IT consultant / freelancer, I have most of my personal values ​​and psychology from elite sports after I have been playing team sport (handball) at a professional level for 4 years and 10+ years at an amateur level. Customer focus, a strong team and a strong work ethic are important to me in the daily consulting work.


I currently work on Real-time Event Stream Processing Platforms, Apache Kafka, Confluent Platform and Open Source Enterprise Software including Linux, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Java, Spring Boot, Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, Kafka Connect, Kafka Producer & Consumer, Schema Management, Emacs, IntelliJ, Python, TensorFlow, C++, ROS, MQTT, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, REST, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB.

In addition, I have broad knowledge about Computer Science, Large-scale Multi-Cloud Infrastructure, Software Architecture, Cloud Implementation, Distributed Systems, Microservices Development, Big Data, Data Infrastructure For Machine Learning, Data Structures & Algorithms, IT-Security, Software Engineering, Software Design, Software Testing and Agile Software Development.


I have an academic background in Computer Science.

  • Master of Science in Computer Science (MSc) and Informatics, RUC, Roskilde
  • Software Development (Bachelor), UCL, Odense
  • Computer Science (AP), UCN, Aalborg

I have also been doing a lot of self-study, MIT's Deep Learning Series, Stanford CS230: Deep Learning, Udacity courses on self-driving cars, robotics and artificial intelligence, etc..


IT Consultant
TB Coding - Self-employed - Denmark
Aug 2015 - Present - 5 yrs 1 mo

IT Consulting / freelance software engineering for enterprise focusing on the following technologies: Distributed Systems, Cloud, AWS, Open Source, Microservices, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Emacs, Java, Spring, PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, Confluent Platform, ElasticSearch, Kibana, MQTT, ROS, C++, Python, Tensorflow, Jira, Agile Development, (2 years of experience).

Responsible for building and maintaining a portfolio of small to medium sized websites and e-commerce and subscription stores for customers, most projects built with open source software / LAMP Stack, (3 years of experience). Most of the work was focused on helping small to medium sized businesses all over Denmark in transportation, banking, fitness, manufactoring, automation, software, food & beverage, mental health, graphic design, non profit organizations, online marketing.

IT subcontractor for various companies, building products and services for their customers.

Responsible for building and maintaining a portfolio of affiliate websites (8 years of experience): Built one of the largest handball websites in Denmark. Built multiple affiliate websites in fitness, gadgets, price comparison, IT, cosmetics. I have written over 200 blog posts and helped generate affiliate income (1,000,000 kr +) in turn over for various businesses.

Responsible interviewing and managing software engineering interns.

Public speaking gigs helping small to medium businesses get better at running their business.

Consulting and mentoring calls with various business owners on how to run their business.

Vinoli ApS - Full-time - Denmark
Oct 2016 - Apr 2018 - 1 yr 7 mos

CTO and partner at Vinoli ApS, a danish wine on subscription platform company.

Designer and implementor of Vinoli's automatic subscription billing system. Monthly, quarterly recurring charge feature, multiple subscription product variant. Pricing features (free subscription, paid subscription).

Designer and implementor of Vinoli’s warehousing, logistics and packaging process. My job was to automate and scale processes to increase speed by getting the wines from suppliers via trucks, packaging the products and getting the product delivered to the customer.

Designer and implementor of Vinoli's e-commerce platform. The platform was built with PHP, WordPress, MySQL, WooCommerce, HTML, CSS, Javascript, QuickPay Payment Service Provider, Clearhaus Merchant Acquiring Services, System Integrations to MailChimp, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube and other external services and API’s.

Designer and implementor of Vinoli’s wine subscription gift product, that made it possible for customers to give a subscription as a gift. The product increased our cash flow in the early critical startup phase by having customers pay for 6 to 12 months subscriptions up front.

Designer and implementor of Vinoli’s Online Marketing strategy. Responsible for Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Google Ads, Youtube SEO, SEO friendly Platform, Lead generation, Landing Pages to increase conversion rate.

Vinoli ApS was acquired by a competitor Vinfarmen ApS. I helped the new owner take over the business over a longer business transition period.

Professional Handball Player - Elite Sport
Aalborg Håndbold - Full-time - Denmark
Dec 2009 - Jun 2013 - 3 yrs 7 mos

Full time professional sports athlete for almost 4+ years and 10+ years prior at an amateur level.

Won various tournaments and competitions on a weekly basis performing in an extremely competitive team environment.

I was recruited for talent training with the best handball athletes in the country. Doing elite sports helped me learn a lot about myself and how to operate in a team. How to train and push myself and others both physically and mentally. I also learned the value of hard work, daily grind and consistent effort to achieve the highest potential.


Roskilde University
Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science (Datalogi) and Informatics
Computer Science
2020 – 2022

Semester Projects:
File Encryption Application with Symmetric Key Encryption, Cryptographic Hash Functions and Java Bouncy Castle Cryptography API.
Worked as a software architect creating an architectural description for a global cloud infrastructure to empower customers utilizing robots.

Programming For Security with a focus on Symmetric, Asymmetric Key Encryption and Cryptographic Hash Functions.
BUITA - Systems Development and Design, Evaluation of IT, Implementation and Change Management, IT security.
RAWDATA - Machine Architecture and Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Databases and Human to Machine Interactions.
Theoretical Computer Science.

UCL Erhvervsakademi og Professionshøjskole
Software Development (Bachelor)
Computer Science
i 2018 – 2020

Semester Projects:
Scalable IoT Data Streaming Platform For The Transportation Industry with Apache Kafka & Confluent Platform.
Scalable Ridesharing Platform With Python, Flask Java, Spring, React, Nginx, Docker and Kubernetes. Database Systems For Self-driving Cars.
Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Jenkins, Robot Operating System & C++. Test-driven development for Robot Operating System (ROS) & C++.

Bachelor Project.
Internship at TB Coding.
Modern Distributed Systems / Microservices.
Project Management.
System Integration.
Databases for Developers.
Development of Large-Scale Systems.
Software Testing.

UCN, Professionshøjskolen University College Nordjylland
Datamatiker - Computer Science (AP)
Computer Science
2013 – 2016

Semester Projects:
Big Data Collection, Python Web Scraping and ASP.NET MVC Web App.
Built A Line Follower Robot with Arduino.
Flight Route Planning System with Dijkstra's algorithm.

Main Project.
Internship at TB Coding.
Agile System Development.
Specialization in Robotics (AI and Self Driving Cars).
Web Programming.
Computer Architecture and Operating Systems.
Computer Network and Distributed Systems.
Information Technology in Organisations.
System Design.
System Construction.

High School - Elite Sports Class 2010 - 2013


English, Biology, German, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Social Studies, Latin, Ancient Greek Art, Sports

Personal Projects and extracurricular activities:

Competitive programming, mostly leetcode.
Various Massive open online courses, MIT Deep Learning Series, Stanford CS230: Deep Learning, Udacity free course on Self-Driving Cars and Robotics & AI, MIT 6.006 Introduction to Algorithms.
Recommender systems, computer vision projects with face detection and object detection, robot localization.

My Services - What I Do

Algorithms and Data Structures: Algorithm design with a focus on search and learning algorithms for big data sets.

Apache Kafka & Confluent Platform: Building global data platforms with Apache & Confluent Platform, Kafka Streams, ksqlDB, Schema Management, Kafka Connect and Confluent Operator, Confluent Replicator.

Cloud Computing: Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB

Data Governance: Data & Schema Management with Schema Registry, GDPR, Privacy by Design.

Hardware: Deep understanding of Computer Hardware, CPU, Memory, Caches, GPU, TPU.

Infrastructure as Code: DevOps with Terraform, Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes.

Linux: Automating business processes and development workflows with scripting.

Machine Learning Infrastructure: Building data pipelines for machine learning with Tensorflow, Tensorflow I/O, Tensorflow Serving.

Microservices: Building Event Driven Architectures with Java and Spring Boot, Producer API, Consumer API, UDF for ksqlDB, Kafka Stream microservices.

Software Systems Architecture: Designing architectures for global distributed data platforms, engineering diagrams.

Problem Solving: Solving hard problems by utilizing strong problem solving skills.

Software: Deep understanding of Computer Software from Applications, Algorithms, Programming Languages, Assembly Language down to Machine Code. I have been programming in various Programming Languages, Java, C++, C, Python, JavaScript.

Security: Data Security, Cloud Security, Cryptography, Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption.

Testing: Unit Testing, Ingration Testing, System Testing and Acceptance Testing.