Thomas Bonderup - Freelance Software Engineer

Building Real-time Event Streaming Platforms for Apache Kafka

  • +8 years of Experience Building Websites
  • +5 years in Consultancy & Startup
  • +1 year Experience with Apache Kafka


Thomas Bonderup - Freelance Software Engineer

Hi, I'm Thomas. I'm a software engineer living in Odense, Denmark.

I am currently studying a Master of Science in Computer Science and Informatics at Roskilde University.

These days you'll find me building Real-time Event Streaming Platforms for Apache Kafka at

Before that I was freelancer at TB Coding. I helped small to medium sized companies and I led software engineering interns as we build ecommerce stores with a focus subscription based businesses model.

I was also CTO at Vinoli, a wine on subscription business, where I was responsible for scaling and automating the business.

My Services - What I Do

Algorithms and Data Structures: Algorithm design with a focus on search and learning algorithms for big data sets.

Apache Kafka & Confluent Platform: Building global data platforms with Apache & Confluent Platform, Kafka Streams, ksqlDB, Schema Management, Kafka Connect and Confluent Operator, Confluent Replicator.

Cloud Computing: Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB

Data Governance: Data & Schema Management with Schema Registry, GDPR, Privacy by Design.

Hardware: Deep understanding of Computer Hardware, CPU, Memory, Caches, GPU, TPU.

Infrastructure as Code: DevOps with Terraform, Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes.

Linux: Automating business processes and development workflows with scripting.

Machine Learning Infrastructure: Building data pipelines for machine learning with Tensorflow, Tensorflow I/O, Tensorflow Serving.

Microservices: Building Event Driven Architectures with Java and Spring Boot, Producer API, Consumer API, UDF for ksqlDB, Kafka Stream microservices.

Software Systems Architecture: Designing architectures for global distributed data platforms, engineering diagrams.

Problem Solving: Solving hard problems by utilizing strong problem solving skills.

Software: Deep understanding of Computer Software from Applications, Algorithms, Programming Languages, Assembly Language down to Machine Code. I have been programming in various Programming Languages, Java, C++, C, Python, JavaScript.

Security: Data Security, Cloud Security, Cryptography, Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption.

Testing: Unit Testing, Ingration Testing, System Testing and Acceptance Testing.