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Real-Time Event Stream Processing With Apache Kafka

Kafka Specialist - Freelance IT Consultant - Thomas Bonderup

The companies of the future are defined in software and data. Many companies are already building their products and services around scalable real-time event stream processing platforms like Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform. These real-time data platforms form the fundamental basis for data at large scale in many companies that use Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things, 5G and Cloud Infrastructure in their products and services.

Companies must expand the central data infrastructure in order to be competitive in a new world of software and data.

Apache Kafka Benefits

There are many new opportunities for your business to build new products and services with Apache Kafka.

Real-time Customer experience

Run your business in real-time with event streaming to deliver better customer experiences.

Single platform

Connect all your apps and data into one single platform and reduce the need for multiple integrations.

Become global

I help you create a software platform that can evolve and scale to the new markets in a global economy.

Move to the cloud

Moving to the cloud can reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your business IT systems.


Scale your organization by breaking software into small microservices built by small distributed teams.

Fast time to market

Release software faster and get valuable customer feedback to make better products and services.
Kafka Specialist Thomas Bonderup

Thomas Bonderup
Freelance IT Consultant, Software Engineer.

Phone: +45 22 39 34 91

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Apache Kafka Services & Consulting Engagements

If you are thinking of building and distributing a new event streaming platform with Apache Kafka, then you should know that designing scalable real-time event streaming systems with Apache Kafka is a complex issue.

Get Apache Kafka expertise from IT Consultant Thomas Bonderup. I help you follow the best practices for your future Apache Kafka projects, and I am happy to help with optimizing the performance and scalability of your existing projects.

Below is a quick overview of my main technical skill sets and technologies I use for Kafka Projects. Want to find out more about my experience? Check out my online resume and project portfolio.

Kafka Specialist

As an IT consultant, I offer development and setup of Apache Kafka:

  • Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform Development on Confluent Cloud, AWS and Google Cloud.
  • Development of microservices with Producer API and Consumer API.
  • Development of stream processing microservices with Kafka Streams.
  • ksqlDB (streams, tables, push, pull, connector configs, custom functions).
  • System integration with Kafka Connect (source, sink, transformation, converter) and Alpakka Kafka.
  • Schema Management (Avro, JSON, Protobuf).
  • ElasticSearch & Kibana Dashboard.
  • TensorFlow I/O and integration to machine learning libraries.

Best practices

I give you recommendations and best practices in the following areas:

  • Systems design for scalability & high availablity.

  • Patterns for enterprise application architecture.

  • Integration with existing sofware systems.

  • IT security.

  • Approach & tradeoff in designing event-driven architecture / real-time stream processing applications.

  • Project management.

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